Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White salad 'Olivje'

The traditional salad, no festive table is complete without this one. It's similar to Potato salad, but this one is far better.

You will need:
2-3 medium size potatoes
2-3 carrots
3-4 eggs
5-6 pickled cucumbers in brine
a can of sweet peas
dill (optional)
mayo (to taste)
salt and pepper ( I omit salt, because there is salt in mayo, plus pickles are salty, too)

Take a big pot with water and cook potatoes and carrots (not peeled, as is). In another smaller pot, cook eggs. The best to cook eggs so they wouldn't brake is in a cold water, with some salt added. It won't affect the taste (the salt), but supposedly helps eggs from cracking. Once the eggs are hard boiled, takes about 5 minutes, run them under cold water and leave there until you are ready to peel them. If you will leave boiled eggs without water, it will be very hard to peel them.

Cool everything. Then peel and cut into pieces, as small as possible, about 0.5 cm in size.
Cut eggs and pickled cucumber as well. Add drained peas into it. I use a big bowl or pot for that.
Add fresh, cut dill, if you are using it.
Then add mayo to taste, salt and pepper.
I usually make a big bowl of this salad and use it throughout the week or so. I add mayo only to the part of the salad. The rest keep it in the fridge for the next time. That way it keeps longer.
If you like onions, you can put some finely chopped onion into this salad as well.

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Kristina said...

This is traditional Lithuanian salad, what everyone loves. I like to put some cut fresh cucumbers too.