Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eggplant dip/baba-ganoush

I will start my new blog with this wonderful yet very simple recipe. A lot of us buy baba-ganoush in a store and pay a lot of money for just 200 ml. I have a recipe for you and from now on you will be able to make this spread-dip even tastier than in a store. This great recipe was given to me by my friend Inga R. She told me a secret step for this dish. That is to put  baked and scraped eggplant in the water! Thank you, Inga!
All you need is few eggplants that you can get in any store. Look for even colored, without blemishes, hard to the touch, eggplants.

And here it goes.

You will need: 3 eggplants
1/4 cup (or less, depending on taste) mayo
garlic (1-2 cloves, again depending on taste)
Salt and pepper to taste

Wash eggplants, poke them with the fork everywhere, put on a baking sheet ( I put on a cookie sheet plus parchment paper) and bake at 400 for about an hour. They will get soft, change color, you will see some dark water at the bottom. Let them cool or if you are in a rush, it's possible to work with hot ones, too.

Put on a cutting board. On a side, prepare big bowl, or a pot, with cold water. Cut eggplant lengthwise and scoop with the spoon the insides. The scoped out inside put in the cold water. Keep them there for about 15-30 minutes. It's o.k. to leave for longer, if you have other things to do.

Then, take the cheese cloth and put the eggplant from the water in it. Squeeze gently the water out. Just so it wouldn't run. This can be done by taking the eggplant into the palm of your hand and gently sqeezing the water out. It does take much longer. When I found some cheesecloth that I had brought from Lithuania 17 years ago, I was very happy. It made my work much easier and faster.

Once you are done, put it on the cutting board and roughly chop it with the knife. You want some pieces still to be there. It somehow makes it tastier.

Add everything in a bowl, add finely chopped garlic and mayo. Stir and enjoy! It can be stored in a fridge up to two weeks.

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